Global Mobility Forum – Sydney

Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

The Forum is presented in a day of editorially-driven main conference sessions, self-selected educational seminars, product expert led corporate roundtable interactive discussions and numerous networking opportunities that will showcase a truly global view of mobility.

Attended by top level global mobility professionals from across the country and beyond, we provide a unique platform for the global mobility community to get together, discuss ideas and make new connections with product experts and peers.

Global Information

Insight, solutions and strategy from thought leaders, world-class speakers and global mobility peers


Collaborate on solutions and come away with practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.


A platform that fosters and encourages information exchange, new connections and relationship building.

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Content specifically targeted to explore ‘hot topic’ mobility issues.

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Global HR & Mobility
Maria began her HR career with Deloitte in the US where she served clients in the Global Mobility space for eight years. Her passion for Global Mobility took her on assignment to Germany where she joined Daimler in managing global assignments for the Americas Region and Australia.
Jacquie Davidson
Head of JP/APAC ERC and Global Mobility Advisor , Adobe
Previous to Jacquie's current role at Adobe, she managed the Global Mobility program at Google and also worked at several tech firms in Silicon Valley including Facebook and eBay.
Diana Nadebaum
Chief People Officer, Opteon
Diana joined Opteon Property Group in August 2018, in the newly created Chief People Officer role. She is a commercial and strategic HR leader with international experience across a range of global leadership roles and industries, including technology, banking & finance, retail and automotive.
Mobility Lead, WSP
Senior Director, Career Mobility, FIS
Abigail is an experienced senior global mobility professional with over 19 years of experience in global mobility and international tax, in both in house and Big Four roles, and more recently in career mobility.
Relocations Team Lead, Nestle Australia Ltd
Carol has been managing the global mobility function for Nestle Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji and New Caledonia) for the past 8 years.
Claire Springthorpe
International Mobility Advisor, Capgemini
Claire Springthorpe is the International Mobility Advisor for Capgemini Australia. Her role is to manage the mobility function for Australia and New Zealand and provide support for the APAC region.
Senior Global Mobility Specialist, APJ at Adobe
Keryn is a senior Global Mobility practitioner currently supporting Adobe’s APAC region, with experience spanning 15 years, multiple regions, and underpinned by ERC GMS-T accreditation, and leadership programs.
Principal Advisor - Global Mobility, Rio Tinto
Senior Manager International Mobility, ANZ Bank
Global Mobility Expert
Nicelle has 14 years in Human resources and Global mobility within professional services, engineering, construction, mining and information technology industries.
Global Mobility Manager, RELX
Anastasia is an internationally experienced Global Mobility and Reward professional. She is currently a Global Mobility Manager at RELX plc, having recently transferred from London to Sydney.
Life Strategist
I believe life is best lived authentically working through your strengths whilst contributing to a community that holds special meaning to you.

Tea, coffee and breakfast pastry available upon arrival.

Realising Increased Workforce Mobility & Agility: An Overseas Example

  • Mobility as an expectation of businesses and for the workforce
  • Delivering those expectations in an increasingly competitive environment
  • What can Australian businesses learn from this?

Building a Culture of Mobility for All Within Business Structures

With the rapidly changing consciousness of what mobility can offer, HR & mobility teams are having to work tirelessly to better align business objectives & executive understanding with technical capabilities and growing expectations of the global workforce:

  • Bottom line impact: What have you done to gain buy-in from executive management by proving mobility adds value, is aligned with organisational goals & deemed critical to success?
  • With the growing global aspirations for increased workforce diversity, how do you design a policy, with the flexible measures you need, to ensure it is part of everyday?
  • How will disruptive technologies & the changing demands on mobility professionals, affect future paths of development & training in this industry?
  • What do businesses need to do to build a core compliance framework that is more sustainable, responsible and ultimately creates a more proactive paradigm?

Perfecting the Balance of Attractive Mobility Offerings against Costs & Compliance.

In the eyes of the business mobility offerings are be expensive and time consuming. But for others, it’s the perfect way to achieve those new experiences and much needed work/life balance. This session will look what mobility teams can do improve a business’ competitiveness whilst keeping costs & resources to a minimum.

  • With 40% of the workforce in Australia not working on a permanent basis, how do mobility & talent management teams ensure that employees develop and remain for as long as possible after repatriation?
  • AI & Robotics: Which technologies and concepts are disrupting how mobility manages its programmes and delivers a different employee experience?
  • How do mobility teams take their current knowledge & use of technology platforms to the next level, when reducing costs, lead times and analysing process improvement?
  • How much is mobility going to play a role in effective marketing and attraction of specific talent groups in the future? E.g.: Graduate Packages

Building a successful immigration program in the new Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Environment

Protectionism and anti-globalisation politics continue around the world and we have witnessed this in Australia with the introduction of the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa last year.    While the 482 visa has tightened immigration policies, talent mobility continues to be a key solution for our economy and individual organisations operating in a world driven by innovation and knowledge. In this panel discussion we will cover:

  • How the immigration landscape has changed in Australia and what we can expect with the re-election of the federal Coalition Government
  • How organisations have changed their strategies with respect to talent mobility into Australia since the introduction of the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa
  • How organisations have adapted to ensure their immigration program continues to support their business needs

Misunderstandings, Misperceptions, Missed Opportunities - the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication

What enables effective communication across cultures? What can we do to improve our communication in situations of cultural diversity? How can we avoid the ‘misses’?

How do companies incorporate flexibility into their current global mobility program?

Our Mobility Outlook Survey shows an increase in alternative assignment types. In addition, 51% of companies have predicted the need for more cross-border assignments. How are these companies aligning these assignments with the right approach given there are at least 5 different policies to choose from?

In this discussion we will focus on:

  • How flexibility is defined and why companies need to incorporate flexibility into their program
  • How companies use lump sum allowances
  • The difference between a Core versus Flex policy approach
  • Whether or not flexibility is the right approach for your company.

Is Your Global Workforce Financially Organised?

Moving your international workforce comes with some unique financial challenges. We help to take the complexity out of relocation and focus on helping your expats navigate the financial journey by covering;

  • Superannuation for both inbound and outbound staff.
  • Purchasing Assets in Australia.
  • Insurances for Expats.

Live polling session hosted by Keryn Mendes, CSIRO & Arieta Gavriniotis, Rio Tinto

Corporate Roundtable Session Summary :

  • ECA International : Using Mobility Software and Technology to your best advantage from Anna Michielsen, ECA International and Heather Williams, ANZ Bank. 
  • ITX : How a center of expertise in your group can support and ease the management of your international mobile workforce from Vincent Hannequin, ITX & Nicelle Galeano, Cardno 
  • KPMG : Global tax and immigration authorities are more connected than ever – how connected is your business? by Ablean Saoud & Belinda Wright, KPMG
  • ReloTalent : Global Mobility Wheel of Fortune!Come join us in this interactive session concerning each step of the global mobility management lifecycle. Where do the Challenges and Opportunities lie? from Sebastien Deschamps, ReloTalent
  • ShieldGeo : Expense reimbursement processes for assignees and business travellers from Tim Burgess, ShieldGeo
  • NF Workforce Mobility : Is Your Organisation Immigration Compliant and Risk Ready? by Mira Yannicos, NF Workforce Mobility 
  • The Key to Forming a Successful Global Mobility and Procurement Partnership

For further details on each of the sessions please scroll further down to the Roundtable header

Leading Organisational Talent and Capability Strategy

  • How to build a global talent strategy
  • How to future proof capability
  • How to develop talent, including providing global mobility opportunities

Using Mobility Software and Technology to your best advantage. The theme will explore;

  • Different software & technology options
  • Selecting the best given;     
    • population size     
    • budget
  • Getting the best out of technology

Does a center of expertise in your group support and ease the management of your international mobile workforce?

Content Summary :

What if your new specific strategic subsidiary or branch was able to manage your international mobile workforce. Provide you with all the services of an HR department including : HR administration, coherent and equitable employment packages, international payroll, international social security management, package calculation and presentation, accounting, intra-group rebilling, cash management, cost estimate, budget and reporting, full compliance with international regulations and risk management and ideally allow you to bring the right competencies to the right markets in a timely manner.

Global tax and immigration authorities are more connected than ever – how connected is your business?

The ability of tax and immigration authorities to leverage technology in order to share and match data is higher than ever before. How do you ensure your organisation is positioned to stay ahead?

  • Current landscape in which businesses operate – protectionist governments, significant penalties being levied on employers for non-compliance rather than employee (historic)
  • How do business travellers increase your risk of being audited in Australia? What sorts of circumstances prompt investigations and reviews by authorities.
  • What monitoring are the tax and immigration authorities deploying? What data is being shared? Who is most at risk?
  • How can you future proof your policies and processes to minimise your risk?
  • Dealing with an audit. What should you do if you receive an audit notice. And what should you do if you proactively identify an error, or non-compliance within your business?

Is Your Organisation Immigration Compliant and Risk Ready? 

  •  Are your c-suite and company directors fully aware of the immigration implications and their personal obligations when employing foreign workers?
  • As a mobility professional, do you have the knowledge to inform your executives of these obligations?
  • With the growing focus on compliance globally, is your organisation ready to avoid the risks?
  • How does your internal compliance structure work?  Who is responsible?  How do you track, measure and report?  Do you audit?

Global Mobility Wheel of Fortune!

Come join us in this interactive session concerning each step of the global mobility management lifecycle. Where do the Challenges and Opportunities lie? 

  • Explore how data and technology can help at every step
  • Discover the latest trends in Cost projection and Compensation calculation tools
  • Get the most out of your vendor relationship
  • Discuss simple and affordable software platform solutions to solve Challenges and bring Opportunities in small and medium size mobility programs

Expense reimbursement processes for assignees and business travellers.

  • Can you keep your overseas employees happy and balance home and host tax requirements?
  • Do you have different approaches for long term, short term, business travel?
  • Home vs host reimbursements. When do you move employees from the home to host reporting? What support do you provide them in making that switch? Do they have unique requirements if filing expenses in localised systems?
  • Meeting multi-country reporting requirements (e.g. are original receipts required, do receipts require certain information)?
  • Reimbursements vs Per diem vs gross allowance vs company credit card
    Tax equalisation / True up / Gross up

The Key to Forming a Successful Global Mobility and Procurement Partnership

The new corporate marriage of convenience has Global Mobility partnering with Procurement during the ‘services’ purchasing process and beyond.  Both departments are responsible for ensuring costs are contained and vendors are managed effectively.  Hear some of today’s leading experts share their insights on building value-driven partnerships that meet company objectives.

  • How do you create a team with Procurement and Mobility and what are the challenges?   
  • How do you align in what appears to be a conflict between higher quality benefits for the employees and lower cost? 
  • How do you measure success when buying relocation services?
  • What do you believe are ways of improving the global mobility procurement process?

For over 60 years, AIRINC has helped clients with the right data, cutting-edge technology, and thought-leading advice needed to effectively deploy talent worldwide. Our industry expertise, solutions, and service enable us to effectively partner with clients to navigate the complexity of today’s global mobility programs. Our approach is designed with your success in mind. With an understanding of your goals and objectives, we ensure you achieve them.

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing services to organisations across our key service areas of Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting; Deals, Tax & Legal; Management Consulting; and Innovation & Digital Solutions. KPMG’s Global Mobility Services team comprises over 4,500 leading specialists and supports more than 2,500 companies across 140 countries worldwide.

Whatever challenges you face, wherever you face them, our extensive network of experts will be there to help. From income tax planning and social security, to global immigration, rewards and incentives, our team is dedicated to putting you in control of your global workforce. We offer all our clients the same level of personal service, treating your business as an extension of our own.

Newland Chase

Newland Chase, a wholly owned subsidiary of CIBT, is the leading global provider of immigration and visa services for corporations and individuals with 1,700+ expert immigration and visa professionals, attorneys and qualified migration consultants located in over 70 offices in 25 countries.

With thirty years of experience, CIBT is the primary service provider to 75% of Fortune 500 companies. CIBT offers a comprehensive suite of services under two primary brands: Newland Chase, focused on global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations worldwide and CIBTvisas, the market leader for business and other travel visa services for corporate and individual clients.

Always there for you

Quest Apartment Hotels has over 150 properties in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. They are located in central business districts, suburban and regional areas with close proximity to head offices, business centres and key tourist destinations.

A Quest apartment hotel is your home or office away from home, complete with separate living, dining and sleeping areas, separate work stations and fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities.Quest Apartment Hotels offer spacious serviced apartment style hotel rooms perfect for short and long stays with separate living, dining and sleeping areas, separate work stations and fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities.

Apt. Wealth Partners
Apt Wealth Partners is a privately owned, self-licenced advisory business, with over 3000 clients. We provide strategic investment advice to expat families, executives, business owners, and retirees. Our services extend to providing advice to expat clients arriving in Australia or even leaving the country on a temporary or permanent basis. We also provide advice across a range of areas including retirement planning, cash flow management, superannuation and investment strategies, risk management, and estate planning. Apt Wealth Partners has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Geelong
Mobility solutions for a world that's constantly changing

ECA International is the market-leading provider of knowledge, information and technology that enables businesses to manage their international mobility programmes. Partnering with thousands of clients globally, we provide a fully-integrated suite of quality data, specialist software, consultancy and training.

Our unparalleled insights guide clients as they mobilise their most valuable resource: people. We make the complex world of international mobility simple, providing clients with the expertise and support they need to make the right decisions - every time.

ITX advise international organizations on Global Mobility matters (Legal, Compensation and Benefits and HR). We achieve the simplification of expatriation programs, a better costs control in full compliance with regulations. We provide a unique offer from “on request study” to “a fully operational solutions” called the “Global Employment Company” GEC. A GEC ™ is a wholly owned entity of a group which employs and manages international mobile workforce within the Group. It is a trusted “strategic tool” to bring the right competencies to the right markets in a timely manner. It provides a coherent and equitable employment package for the workforce and allows an easier cost control with streamlined administration.

ReloTalent is a global mobility management software that empowers HR teams to reduce administrative tasks while tracking data, reminders, and processes. The platform is a single point of contact for HR professionals, vendors and assignees to track and manage all aspects of employee mobility.

Clients interact with their existing vendors or connect with the network of trusted ReloTalent Partners. HR teams can pilot their mobility programs, policies, and budgets with cost projection and salary calculation tools, and support their assignees with onboarding mobile app.

In addition, ReloTalent’s built-in compliance measures mean your clients’ data is always secure.

Shield Geo
Shield GEO makes international employment simple. You can employ staff in over 55 countries without incorporating an entity by using Shield GEO as the Employer of Record. We handle the local requirements for payroll, tax and compliance, and leave you to do what you do best – manage your employees.
Astra Apartments
Modern convenience in the heart of every major city

Astra Apartments has been providing executive serviced apartments, perfect for an extended stay since 2001. Astra specialise in accommodating executives when they are travelling on business, projects or relocating for periods of 7 nights+. Our urban footprint extends to over 600 serviced apartments centrally located in the commercial districts across Australia.

We understand what business executives need when they travel, and we understand that people who manage executive accommodation need a personalised and convenient service they can rely on. That's why we're the preferred supplier for leading corporations, relocation firms and corporate travel management companies.


BGRS develops and implements comprehensive talent mobility solutions for corporate and government clients worldwide. By combining deep industry experience and unparalleled insights on the future of talent mobility, we enable our clients to design mobility programs that empower them to attract, retain and develop top performers.

With nearly 1,400 people across six continents, we blend global perspective with local market strength. 

Crown World Mobility
How the World Works Better

Crown World Mobility’s insight into the business of assignments makes the world’s mobile workers more effective. The combination of our business-oriented services, our collective depth of experience and our networks gives us a worldwide insight into making global business operate more successfully.

We deliver true value through our consultative approach where innovation, best practice and strategic leadership sit at the heart of everything we do. Utilising our network of over 250 offices in 56 countries, we partner with organisations across the globe to help manage the entire mobility lifecycle from pre-assignment to mobilisation, on-assignment and repatriation.

Global Hospitality Service

Combining local expertise with global presence, GHS Global Hospitality is proud to offer a diverse and extensive portfolio of over 200 hotels in more than 100 destinations. GHS’s extensive portfolio reaches to every corner of the globe, in key locations such as London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Miami and Chicago.

GHS is comprised of hospitality specialists, collectively possessing over 250 years of experience, supporting the corporate industry with their unparalleled skills and insight.

Minor Hotels

Minor Hotels is an international hotel owner, operator and investor currently with 161 hotels. Through our Oaks, Anantara, AVANI, Elewana, Four Seasons, Marriott, St. Regis and Tivoli properties, Minor Hotels operates in 26 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and South America. Oaks Hotels & Resorts is one of Australia’s largest self-contained, accommodation providers, currently incorporating a portfolio of 56 properties spanning Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory, South and Western Australia. We cater to travellers who value freedom, space and independence when they travel. Our modern and fully-equipped apartments, residences and suites are what make our Guests return time and time again.

Mantra Group is Australia’s largest based hotel and resort marketer and operator, with over 135+ properties across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Properties in our portfolio range from luxury retreats and coastal resorts to serviced apartments, under our four key brands: Art Series, Peppers, Mantra and BreakFree.

With also 75+ conveniently located Live@ and Live@plus hotels, our guests enjoy the space, flexibility and functionality to work, rest and entertain. Our 24 Live@ hotels are perfect for business travellers looking for a furnished apartment without the need for full kitchen or laundry facilities in-room and our 54 premium Live@plus hotels are located in the most popular corporate long stay locations and boast spacious apartments, full sized kitchens and in-room laundry facilities.”


OFX is a global money transfer company that helps people and businesses thrive in our evolving and fast-moving world. We are on a mission to lead the age of borderless money, with a streamlined digital experience, expert personal service and great exchange rates, so our customers can transact across borders when, where and how they want. We empower our customers to live and work globally with confidence 24/7.

 Since launching over 20 years ago we have helped over 1 million customers and transferred over AU$125bn. Our customers use us for a variety of reasons; from moving overseas, supporting family and purchasing property, to conducting global business.

Worldwide Relocation & Moving

SIRVA is the mobility industry leader that partners with organisations locally and globally to deliver a broad range of support based on size, scope and market sector. SIRVA is part of the worldwide SIRVA Group, which has operational facilities in more than 40 locations locally and over 800 locations around the globe. SIRVA's holistic approach to mobility includes Visa and Immigration services. SIRVA has been a relocation and removal service provider for over 300 years.

Visa Solutions
Led by a team of accomplished Registered Migration specialists, we give assistance to people from all walks of life - be you an employer or individual, parents or student, business owners, major project developers, entertainers, investors or any other person looking to bring value and diversity to the Australian culture. It is our privilege to provide you with an affordable fee structure throughout your migration journey. Over the years, our industry knowledge and services have evolved into a complete holistic service. We have checked our prices against that of our competitors, and we believe we offer you and your family some of the highest service delivery standards within the industry, and stand by our promise to help you to build a better life in Australia.

WridgWays is a relocation company specialising in managing and delivering high-quality relocation services. We manage thousands of moves throughout Australia and across the globe annually for a multitude of domestic, corporate and government organisations.

Our philosophy of complete honesty and integrity is reflected in the number of repeat customers that we service each year and the high rate of referrals received.

The consultative approach to our customer service representatives ensures that they fully understand the dimensions of a project and the needs of clients before recommending the best solutions. After all no two moves are the same.

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