Global Mobility Forum – Sydney 2021

Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

The Sydney and Melbourne Global Mobility Forum’s bring together ANZ’s leading global mobility professionals, industry experts and key product specialists to explore current and future trends in the ever-growing and complex arena of international assignments.

We look forward to you joining us in Sydney for Jasper Events Sydney Global Mobility Forum and invite you to engage with the most influential and senior members of the global mobility community. We are delighted to be returning to Dockside Events, Cockle Bay Wharf to enjoy a day of peer-to-peer networking, information sharing and exchange, informative panel sessions, product expert led seminar sessions, corporate roundtables and inspirational keynotes.

We look forward to putting the major challenges surrounding; embedding mobility culture, reducing the cost of mobility, compliance, talent management & progression, and adopting disruptive technologies under the spotlight in a professional, yet relaxed environment in the heart of Darling Harbour.

As an in-house Global Mobility, Remuneration, Talent or Reward professional, these exclusive events are free for you to attend;

Global Information

Insight, solutions and strategy from thought leaders, world-class speakers and global mobility peers


Collaborate on solutions and come away with practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.


A platform that fosters and encourages information exchange, new connections and relationship building.

Latest Trends

Content specifically targeted to explore ‘hot topic’ mobility issues.

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Immigration Lawyer
Heather is a member of our Immigration Law Practice at Nevett Ford and is competent to provide immigration assistance in all immigration matters, with a focus on employer sponsored visas.
CEO, GLOMO and Host, Love + Relo
Ben Cross is the host of Love + Relo which is the only daily show dedicated to the relocation industry.
Global Head of Employee Mobility
Kerwin’s HR journey spans more than 20 years at leading tech organizations, first at Intel and currently at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is a fresh voice, a generous contributor and a positive influence in HR and mobility circles.
Head of HR, Australia and New Zealand, Capgemini
Christine is the Head of HR for Australia and New Zealand and a member of Capgemini’s Leadership team.
Jacquie Davidson
Head of JP/APAC ERC and Global Mobility Advisor , Adobe
Previous to Jacquie's current role at Adobe, she managed the Global Mobility program at Google and also worked at several tech firms in Silicon Valley including Facebook and eBay.
Global HR Mobility, Specialist Enterprise Services, CSIRO
Keryn is the Global HR Mobility Specialist at CSIRO, redefining its mobility processes and practice, in line with CSIRO’s international growth strategy.
Global Mobility Expert
Nicelle has 14 years in Human resources and Global mobility within professional services, engineering, construction, mining and information technology industries.

Registration and breakfast on arrival

Australia & US views on how global mobility practitioners are getting their arms around the aftermath of COVID, and the arrangements and precedents it has created.

Jacquie Davidson, Head of JP/APAC ERC & Global Mobility Advisor, Adobe

Working through a risk management plan can help to identify risks, analyse, prioritise, implement and monitor solutions.  It helps to better understand the business and employee impact, across geographies and across a range of identified scenarios or risks.  

• How are we managing risk in global mobility and how are we facilitating business decisions in risk management?

• How can Global Mobility be transparent with companies and coach them through different scenarios?

• Discussion around appetite for risk in mobilising the workforce?

• Changing attitudes to risk management over the last 12 months and what have we learned? What do we do differently going forward?

The pandemic has accelerated thinking on the future of work. Virtualisation of the workforce is taking place in many organisations and there are many implications to be considered. Employees and employers need to evaluate the long-term potential for remote work;

• How are companies adapting to this type of work and what is the appetite within organisations for international remote working?  

• Working through the decision-making process to approve working arrangements and how this can be simplified

• What leadership capabilities are required to manage this work-type, who is managing it and are we coaching employees to make it a good experience?

• Exploration around duty of care and how mobility’s role is broadening into health, safety & wellness and legal involvement


This was how Fadi X was born…stateless. A stateless person is not recognised as a citizen by any country. They do not have a nationality, no identity and no rights.

Raised by a single mother, Fadi lived the first 28 years of his life as an illegal alien in Lebanon. Yet this incredible young man defied the odds and made it all the way to Sydney. His journey is one of suffering, despair and eventually triumph. A true testament of strength, perseverance and most importantly hope. 

Fadi Chalouhy, Management Consultant, Accenture

For over 60 years, AIRINC has helped clients with the right data, cutting-edge technology, and thought-leading advice needed to effectively deploy talent worldwide. Our industry expertise, solutions, and service enable us to effectively partner with clients to navigate the complexity of today’s global mobility programs. Our approach is designed with your success in mind. With an understanding of your goals and objectives, we ensure you achieve them.
Lorraine Jennings

Crown World Mobility helps organisations manage global talent and talented individuals perform on the global stage.

Crown's approach is to work with all stakeholders to find the right solution, implementing a program that is successful for the whole organisation. This often means finding a unique solution that Crown, with offices in over 200 locations, has the experience and capability to deliver.


OFX is a global money transfer company that helps people and businesses thrive in our evolving and fast-moving world. We are on a mission to lead the age of borderless money, with a streamlined digital experience, expert personal service and great exchange rates, so our customers can transact across borders when, where and how they want. We empower our customers to live and work globally with confidence 24/7.

Worldwide Relocation & Moving

SIRVA is the mobility industry leader that partners with organisations locally and globally to deliver a broad range of support based on size, scope and market sector. SIRVA is part of the worldwide SIRVA Group, which has operational facilities in more than 40 locations locally and over 800 locations around the globe. SIRVA's holistic approach to mobility includes Visa and Immigration services. SIRVA has been a relocation and removal service provider for over 300 years.

Visa Solutions
Led by a team of accomplished Registered Migration specialists, we give assistance to people from all walks of life - be you an employer or individual, parents or student, business owners, major project developers, entertainers, investors or any other person looking to bring value and diversity to the Australian culture. It is our privilege to provide you with an affordable fee structure throughout your migration journey. Over the years, our industry knowledge and services have evolved into a complete holistic service. We have checked our prices against that of our competitors, and we believe we offer you and your family some of the highest service delivery standards within the industry, and stand by our promise to help you to build a better life in Australia.
NF Workforce Mobility
NF Workforce Mobility
NF Workforce Mobility has evolved out of Nevett Ford, a law firm dating back to 1853, underpinned by its strong foundation and sound philosophy of personalised and high standard professional legal services. At NF Workforce Mobility, our vision is to deliver a compelling global mobility model through three key areas of strategy, compliance and operations — that is integrated with the best of the best partnerships, innovative to keep our clients ahead of the curve, and intelligent through our passion, thought leadership and our wealth of experience. Our end-to-end solution comprises: governance framework, talent and mobility strategy, visa and immigration, international compensation and relocation services.
Western Union
Western Union
Western Union Business Solutions enables companies of all sizes to send and receive cross-border payments and manage foreign exchange. With deep expertise in moving funds around the globe and access to more than 130 currencies Western Union Business Solutions help companies spend less time managing international financial transactions and more time growing their businesses. Western Union Business Solutions has extensive experience working with clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, NGO, charities, agriculture and mining. Western Union Business Solutions also offer customised solutions for legal, financial and educational institutions. Western Union Business Solutions works with its clients to ensure it understands their unique business needs. Whether you require an online payment solution or personalised support to help guide you through the world of foreign exchange, Western Union Business Solutions’ industry expertise and distinguished service portfolio enable you to make international payments and manage currency risk with confidence.

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