Virtual Mobility Update: 8th April, 13:00 – 15:00 AEST

Virtual Conference Online

We are excited to launch our first virtual event, enabling our national global mobility community to engage and exchange information in these unprecedented times. The Virtual Mobility Update offers a unique platform to communicate and share current workplace issues, whilst offering practical tips on how global mobility teams can navigate through some of the issues that COVID-19 presents – providing a live forum to ask questions and connect in ‘’real time’’ with peers.

We invite you to hear snapshots from GM leaders throughout Australia, engage in live Q&A with our panelists and get practical advice from a leading Mindset and Wellness Coach.

The Virtual Mobility Update has been exclusively designed for individuals that oversee, or are involved in any aspect of their own company’s global assignments and/or domestic relocations. As an in-house professional, access to this event is granted free for you and your team to attend. Register at

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Housekeeping and Walk Through the Conference Interaction Capacity

SNAPSHOT THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA| Workplace Issues Around COVID-19 Outbreak
Melbourne: Keryn Mendes, Global HR Mobility Specialist, CSIRO
Brisbane: Nicelle Galleano, Global Mobility Lead, Cardno
Perth: Bianca Starcevich, Director, Humanitas HR Solutions

How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset -Even in the Face of Stress and Anxiety

Natalie will discuss stress; specifically, elements that may be contributing to our stress right now in light of the pandemic - change, uncertainty, decision fatigue and fear. She will also discuss emotional intelligence and how we can foster greater awareness of our emotions to bolster our mindset and overcome anxiety.

Natalie Moore, Mindset & Wellness Coach, Own Your Own Health

Corporate Panel Session | Dealing with the Impact of COVID 19

Keryn Mendes, Global HR Mobility Specialist, CSIRO
Nicelle Galleano, Global Mobility Lead, Cardno

Director & Founder - Humanitas HR Solutions
Belinda is an experienced tax and global mobility adviser, assisting organisations from various market sectors mobilize critical talent.
Wellness and Mindset Educator, Own Your Health Collective
Natalie coaches individuals to achieve their desired level of health and wellbeing, create work/life blend and embrace their greatest self.
Senior Global Mobility Specialist, APJ at Adobe
Keryn is a senior Global Mobility practitioner currently supporting Adobe’s APAC region, with experience spanning 15 years, multiple regions, and underpinned by ERC GMS-T accreditation, and leadership programs.
Global Mobility Expert
Nicelle has 14 years in Human resources and Global mobility within professional services, engineering, construction, mining and information technology industries.

In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on almost every industry. Jasper Events is putting on a series of targeted virtual mobility updates (VMUs) for global mobility professionals to hear from colleagues, participate in Q&As and share best practises during these testing times in a true spirit of mateship.   If you would like to sponsor an upcoming VMU please fill out the sponsorship enquiry form.

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