Schedule MMF2019
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 08:30

    Tea, coffee and light breakfast available upon arrival. Exhibitor zone open for networking.

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 09:00
    Forum Opening & Welcome Address

    Welcome to MMF 2019 with the opportunity to try out our interactive Q&A and live voting in-app software.

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 09:15
    Keynote: Realising Increased Workforce Mobility & Agility

    Realising Increased Workforce Mobility & Agility: An Overseas Example

    • Mobility as an expectation of businesses and for the workforce
    • Delivering those expectations in an increasingly competitive environment
    • What can Australian businesses learn from this?

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 09:50
    Corporate Panel Session

    Building a Culture of Mobility for All Within Business Structures

    • Bottom line impact: What have you done to gain buy-in from executive management (the business) by proving mobility adds value, is aligned with organisational goals, and deemed critical to success?
    • With the aspirations of all businesses to ensure diversity of the global workforce, how do you design a policy, and with what flexible measures do you need, to ensure it is part of everyday life?
    • How will disruptive technologies & the changing demands on mobility professionals, affect future paths of development & training in this industry?
    • What do businesses need to do to build a core compliance framework that is more sustainable, responsible and ultimately creates a new proactive paradigm?
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 10:40
    Coffee & Morning Networking Session
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:05
    EY Immigration Seminar

    Mobility Mishaps – Stories from the Frontline

    EY will share stories which talk to some of the immigration challenges businesses face every day, the associated risks, how to practically deal with the related immigration and tax compliance issues, and what advantages can be realised through an integrated approach to holistically managing company policy, immigration, tax and relocation processes for your globally mobile employee population. 

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:05
    AIRINC Seminar

    2019 Mobility Outlook Survey – Global Mobility Trends

    AIRINC will share key findings from the 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey and discuss the relevancy of these global findings to Australian companies. Find out how global companies are managing its global mobility functions and what they consider as the most important outcome of a cross-border assignment. While companies are putting in more stringent evaluations on international assignments, are they changing the approach of how they are sending their employees out?

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:45
    Roundtable: ECA International

    Using Mobility Software and Technology to your best advantage

     Anna and Heather will explore;

    • different software & technology options
    • selecting the best given:
      • population size
      • budget 
    • getting the best out of the technology
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:45
    Roundtable: KPMG

    Business travellers - coming to grips with managing their tax and immigration compliance

    KPMG Tax Partner Mardi Heinrich and Immigration specialist Stephen Hall will be leading a round table discussion exploring how organisations are coming to grips with managing tax and immigration compliance in relation to business travellers, particularly into Australia.  In a world of increased connectivity between tax and immigration authorities, increased data sharing and increased risk of audit, Mardi and Stephen will discuss the key risk exposures for both employers and employees and the approaches that organisations are taking to manage business traveller compliance.

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:45
    Roundtable: International Consultants Centre

    Are You A Plant?

    Research shows that successful teams are made up of a diverse mix of people. Plants are imaginative and unorthodox, if you have too many plants in your team there may be no-one to turn your good ideas into action.

    According to Belbin®️ there are nine Team Roles. Every team needs access to each of the nine roles to become a high performing team (but a team doesn’t need nine people!).

     Join International Consultant Centre’s Annabel Rattigan and discover how Plants, Shapers and Completer Finishers are integral to the dynamics of a successful global team. 


  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 11:45
    Roundtable: Fragomen

    Future of Works – Changing Face of Assignments


    An engaging session to examine the trends that transform the way people work over the next decade and a closer look at changing assignment types and associated compliance challenges from an immigration perspectives. Top tips for global mobility professionals to prepare, and succeed in the sea of changes.

    Managing the Disruption: How do we prepare for the disruptors in the Immigration Space?

    A robust discussion on disruptors that are impacting the immigration space and potential solutions and strategies to prepare for, deal with, and maximise the potential benefits and opportunities in the age of disruption.

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 13:05
    Networking: Lunch
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 14:00
    Corporate Panel Session

    Perfecting the Balance of Attractive Mobility Offerings against Costs & Compliance.

    In the eyes of the business mobility offerings are be expensive and time consuming. But for others, it’s the perfect way to achieve those new experiences and much needed work/life balance. This session will look what mobility teams can do improve a business’ competitiveness whilst keeping costs & resources to a minimum.

    • With 40% of the workforce in Australia not working on a permanent basis, how do mobility & talent management teams ensure that employees develop and remain for as long as possible after repatriation?
    • AI & Robotics: Which technologies and concepts are disrupting how mobility manages its programmes and delivers a different employee experience?
    • How do mobility teams take their current knowledge & use of technology platforms to the next level, when reducing costs, lead times and analysing process improvement?
    • How much is mobility going to play a role in effective marketing and attraction of specific talent groups in the future? E.g.: Graduate Packages
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 14:50
    Keynote: Closing

    Preserving the Mental Wellbeing for your Globally Mobile Workforce

    Loneliness jeopardises one in four international assignments… Catherine Doherty from Beyond Blue will take the opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health as it relates to working in Australia and overseas; sharing insights, frameworks and tools that can assist organisations prioritise mental health, which may positively influence the assignee and family experience and organisational outcomes.    

  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 15:30
    Networking: Drinks, Prize Handouts
  • Wed 09 Oct, 2019 16:30
    Conference Close
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