Anna is the Corporate Human Resources Manager of McConnell Dowell Group. Anna commenced with the Australian business of McConnell Dowell Group supporting a national workforce across urban and remote locations. In 2016 Anna joined the Corporate team, steering strategic execution with the operational HR teams across the South East Asia / Oceania footprint. With a highly mobile workforce, McConnell Dowell Group and its employees confronted the significant logistical challenge of 2020 through successfully prioritising Safety & Care of each individual. The global business is now arguably more connected than ever, realising the benefits this period has brought to navigate the dynamic travel and immigration landscape.

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Thu 29 Oct, 2020
How can global mobility be ready to respond to business needs as restrictions lift and we begin to return to the ‘new normal’? It has never been more important to support each other and work closely as an industry. We are proud to continue to offer a platform to connect, network and collaborate on solutions - Jasper Events is excited to host the Virtual Mobility Forum on Thursday 29th October. Make sure you have registered here :