Kerwin’s HR journey spans more than 20 years at leading tech organizations, first at Intel and currently at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is a fresh voice, a generous contributor and a positive influence in HR and mobility circles; always focused on and demonstrating leadership through change; identifying possibilities in the midst of challenge; building exceptional and unique partnerships; guiding team members and teams to their best performance and career experiences; and helping others find their success in a range of environments.

His work has given him the opportunity to lead through a range of corporate, organizational, and business transitions that include M&As, spin-offs, start-ups, site closures and global crises. He’s earned a reputation for developing significant relationships, delivering point-of-need education and executing innovation at a pace faster than market. He is also adept at discovering new approaches and solutions for attracting, hiring, deploying, engaging and retaining talent.

Kerwin holds a BS in industrial engineering from De La Salle University. He writes frequently on talent management issues, and his ingenuity and expertise is often tapped for HR program collaboration, gracing several global mobility and HR industry gatherings.  He previously served with Worldwide ERC, Board of Directors from 2018 to 2020.

Kerwin can be reached at: